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Department of Business Administration

The Business Administration Department of The Polytechnic Igboowu, Nigeria. Ilorin Campus was established in July 2014. The program equally started in the Faculty of Management Sciences in the same year.

The goal of the National Diploma in Business Administration is to produce technicians who can effectively perform a range of functions in the field of Business Administration, Banking & Finance, and Financial institutions.


This is a 2-year national diploma program that is approved and accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and the Federal Ministry of Education. The courses available under the National Diploma are Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Accountancy, and Statistics

The objective of the program

The program is designed to equip students with basic knowledge and skill needed for understanding and analyzing in relation to the management of the business organization of any type

Leadership skills, human relations, analytical, evaluative, synthetic, and communicative skills needed for managing human organizations are also inculcated in students. Students will learn how to apply critical thinking skills and reasoning. Students will learn and acquire the ability of problem-solving.

Course Curriculum

ND 1 First Semester:

BAM 111 ( Introduction to Business 1), BAM 112 ( Business Mathematics 1), BAM 113 ( Principles of Law), BAM 114 ( Principles of Economics 1), BAM 121 ( Principles of Accounts 1), MKT 111 ( Principles of Marketing ), PUS 111 ( Principles of Purchasing)

ND 1 Second Semester:

BAM 122 (Business Mathematics 2>, BFN 121 (Element of Banking 2) , BAM 214 (Business Law), BFN 122 (Principles of Economics 2), ACC 121 (Principles of Account 2), OTM 214 (Information Communication Technology 2)

ND 2 First Semester:

BAM 211 ( Principles of Management 1), BAM 212 ( Business Statistics 1), BAM 213 ( Office Management), BAM 214 ( Business Law), BAM 218 ( Cost Accounting 1), BAM 124 ( Research Method)

ND 2 Second Semester:

BFN 211 ( Business Finance), ACC 223 ( Auditing 2), ACC 222 ( Cost Accounting 2) , ACC 224 ( Taxation 2 ), ACC 221 (Financial Accounting 2), ACC 225 ( Public Sector Accounting)


  • No prior health knowledge is required or assumed
  • A digital food scale will help but is not required

Behind Federal Mortgage Bank,Off Asa Dam/Osere Road Junction,Ilorin


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